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October 25, 2019


When I first received the confirmation I would be writing for Adea, I was so excited. The brand was founded on principles I appreciate, such as craftsmanship and quality. From my first post back in 2014, we have discussed the latest trends, including belt bags; went back to basics with Adea; offered tips to find the right bra; and traveled across the world.
We have ventured to Oheka Castle in New York's Long Island to the Everglades National Park in Florida to Art Basel in Miami to Paris Fashion Week and beyond. Together, we have explored various art exhibits at the V&A Museum in London. We have also gone to New York City's The Met, several times. In-between all of this, we have watched various fashion documentaries. We have been busy!
Above all, I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have. It may sound cliche, but it is not goodbye, but instead, until next time. Fashion isn't meant to be serious, but it does bring people together. Fashion is a way to carve out your own identity, and it offers something for discussion. Fashion is fun, and it should be.
So, the next time you are deciding what to wear, go back into the Adea archives. We spoke a lot about style, from runway fashions to trends to finding what works for you. And remember, when it comes to style, it should reflect you. You need to be comfortable in what you wear, as then your style will naturally exude.
To the Adea team and all of the amazing Adea readers, thank you so much for this opportunity. It has been an amazing journey, and here's to the next chapter.
Until next time...
- Aimee

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