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High-Rise Denim - It's Back!

August 21, 2017

High-rise denim has been lurking around for awhile now. I would look, turn away and wouldn't see them again for some time, not knowing when or where they would turn up. As with trends, one doesn't ever know if they'll stick. And, if they do stick, how long they will actually stay around for. 

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It’s Back-to-School Time

August 17, 2017

Last September, I had a conversation with a NYC teacher who handles second graders. I was astounded when she said, “Only ___ days to go to the end of the school year.” Then she added, “And four years until I retire.” Recently, one of my West coast relatives, who’s a therapist in private practice said, “When the new school year approaches, I have a number of teachers who tell me they are dreading the first week of school.”

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Summer Lovin'

August 15, 2017

As I write this, it's an unusually chilly night in New York City. As the rain continued all day, I got thinking about summer. It's August, and the days are already getting shorter. In turn, we need to maximize the rest of summer while we have the sunshine and warm days.

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What Makes Jeff Tick?

August 09, 2017

Remember the 1990 movie, Pretty Woman, with Julie Roberts playing the hooker with a heart-of-gold? The scene where she goes shopping in Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive and was snubbed by snooty saleswomen caused A LOT of comment. And the reason is this: at some point every female shopper has had to deal with this situation.

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