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What is The Daily Front Row?

April 25, 2018

On Thursday, February 8th I passed by Saks on Fifth Avenue at 50th Street and saw two twentyish females giving out copies of a big, glossy magazine. “What do you have here?” I asked.


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 The Legacy and Tragedy of Versace

April 18, 2018

He was the first designer to have a
Rock ‘n’ Roll approach to couture

In Town & Country magazine a piece about Gianni Versace, titled Family Drama, and written by Kate Betts, appeared in March 2018.

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Beverly Hills - A Different Take on LA

April 16, 2018

When I lived in San Diego, I would sometimes venture up to Los Angeles. Of course, it was always an adventure due to the traffic - no matter if we left late in the evening or early on a Sunday morning. In turn, my view of LA was that of a city so spread out that you needed a car and almost needed to commit to a neighborhood and stay there.

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A Digital Detox Vacation

April 11, 2018

Last week we gave you information on where to go when you decide to break your phone habit. Put another way, the author was horrified when she discovered that she picked up her iPhone 64 times in four-plus hours. She felt she needed help fast.

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