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Casablanca: A Never-ending Movie

February 21, 2018

Last year the movie, Casablanca marked its 75th anniversary. This prompted me to write a four-blog series about my all-time favorite film in January 2017. I thought that would be it – I’d covered this subject completely.

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The 30,000-ft. Glass Ceiling

February 14, 2018

The headline for this blog concerns the female airline pilots in India and the challenges they face as reported in Air & Space dated November 2017. This is a bimonthly magazine that is published by the Smithsonian.

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Jane Birkin - muse, actress and singer

February 09, 2018

Jane Birkin is someone who I had admired for some time. Now, when I say admired, it was mainly around her - what appeared to be - effortless style and approach to fashion. After this past week, I can now say I admire Jane Birkin for more than being a fashion muse.

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Let’s Go to Dublin

February 07, 2018

I have never visited Ireland. But I know a number of people who have and every single one says, “We had a marvelous time.” One said, “I even saw the thatched roof cottage where my grandmother lived.”

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