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Our story


A women-owned, women-led brand with European sensibilities and American roots. Adea was born in 2002, just outside of Florence, Italy. Our fabrics and silhouettes were inspired by the essence of Italian living—slow, simple and intentional.

We set out to share the many things we learned through Italian fashion.

You can be effortlessly chic, without chasing fast fashion trends.

Simple garments can be luxurious, when made well.

Clothing can be empowering, when you wear the things that make you feel bold and confident.

These beliefs are at the heart of every piece we make. Our core collection of layering tops, bodysuits and intimates are designed to be worn in every season and crafted to last a lifetime. Each garment is made in the United States using Italian fabrics unlike anything you have ever worn before.

Make getting dressed an everyday luxury.

About Our Owner

Our owner, Sherri Barry, has built her career helping others as well as the environment. After co-founding Fabric Incubator in Tempe, Sherri launched a reusable PPE manufacturing facility to keep disposable medical gowns out of landfills. A new 'on-demand' facility will eliminate unsold clothing, drastically reducing production waste. Through the Adea brand, Sherri continues to support female-led, environmentally conscious initiatives. We believe a well-made product not only delivers the best value to our customers, but also limits waste through its longevity and versatility.

Size Chart

We use Italian lingerie sizing  for our bodywear and items tend to run small.

Because of the body-hugging nature of the fabric and our body conscious fit most women prefer to wear our layering tops as under-layers. If you are inclined to wear them on their own we suggest you size up. Please contact us. We're happy to help you get it right.

 Bodywear Size Chart

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