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January 07, 2015

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Here’s some food for thought. As we enter 2015 let’s take a look at one of the stunning anomalies in America today: the lack of older models in advertising – especially for products and fashions that are purchased by this age group.

A fascinating article in my favorite newspaper, the weekend Financial Times of 11/8-9 has explored this topic under the title Cosmetics and Fashion Eye New Sales Front.

WHY ARE TIMES CHANGING? Recently, there’s been a shift in the basic thinking about the mature female. According to the FT  “cosmetics and fashion brands are turning to the over-50 model to appeal to wealthy older customers. Shoppers over the age of 55 accounted for 30% of clothing sales last year. This group cannot be ignored.”

WHO IS DRIVING THIS CHANGE? “The Baby Boom generation has been driving fashion and retail sales since the 1960s. And now they’re letting it be known that they’re not ready to look old. Today, 60-year-olds and 40-year-olds are dressing the same.” FT ends with “a lot of people don’t consider their age to be a barrier to adopting new trends.”

We say, “Right on!”

WHOSE THINKING HAS CHANGED? Companies are putting their money where their mouth is. Let’s take a look:

L’Oréal Paris has named British actress Dame Helen Mirren, 69, to represent its Age Perfect line of products. Mirren says, “I hope I can inspire other women to make the most of their natural good looks.” Also, Jane Fonda, 76, appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 as the L’Oréal brand ambassador.

Helen Mirren – L’Oréal Paris

NARS Cosmetics, featured Charlotte Rampling, 68, in its advertising campaign for Audacious Makeup in early 2014 and also plans to use Tilda Swinton, 53, the British actress, to promote four separate makeup lines in the Spring of 2015.

Charlotte Rampling – NARS Cosmetics

Marc Jacobs’ Beauty line has made the bold choice of Jessica Lange, 65, as its first celebrity spokesmodel. Lange is a well-known actress and the star of the TV series, American Horror Story.  

J. Crew Group is featuring Lauren Hutton, 70, for its clothing line. Hutton is a classic American beauty and has strong opinions about fashion. For example, she says, “You never want to look like you’ve spent too much time getting dressed.”

Lauren Hutton – J. Crew Group

Let’s leave on this note. One retail spokesman declares, “If there was a Coat of Arms for the 55-plus shopper it would say, I’m Prepared to Pay. That would tell the whole story.”


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- Shaun

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January 07, 2015

This is timely – Author Joan Didion fronts the new campaign for Celine. I think it looks fabulous!

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