Goodbye to winter layers

April 15, 2016


As much as we love our layers here at Adea, nothing brings us more joy than longer days filled with sunshine! The flowers start to peek through and greenery returns where it has long been dormant. It's spring cleaning time.

While you are busy packing heavy coats and boots away, we'd like to take this opportunity to give you a few pointers on how to pack away your Adea layers. Like wool, cashmere and other heavier weight clothing proper care must be taken to store your items properly so they're fresh for next season.

It's also a great time of year to carefully go through your closet and give away or sell items that you have not worn. Yes, the process can be daunting but it's well worth it. This post is a good refresher on how to get started.

Closet in desperate need of a spring cleaning

To store your cold weather Adea layers, like turtlenecks and long sleeves, start by making sure that all stains have been removed. We offer a few tips on removing underarm and other stains on our FAQ page under the "Care" tab. Once you have spot treated any stains put them in the wash with similar items in a lingerie bag to prevent catching.

After washing, air dry the Adea pieces thoroughly. If you can, put your whites out in the sun to dry. The ultra-violet rays will help to brighten the whites. Keep blacks and darker colors inside to dry because the sun will lighten those too...not good! For more tips on keeping your whites, white check out this post.


Ultra-violet rays help keep whites looking crisp

Once you've washed and dried all the layers properly you can store them as you wish. We prefer to roll each Adea piece for easier storage and to minimize wrinkles. If you are moving them from your dedicated Adea drawer into storage, the best choice is a canvas storage bag. If you are using a plastic storage bin, don't pack them too tightly - air flow is key.

Happy spring cleaning!

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