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April 24, 2014

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The women who wear Adea are a diverse and exciting bunch of ladies and we are always curious to learn more about each of them. Once a month we highlight an Adea customer and share their personal story and style sense with you. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we do.

This month we interviewed Christine Tieri, mother, wife, and owner of smith&jones, an idea agency. Read the full interview here:



I am a 40-something wife, mother, volunteer, mentor, business owner and certified brand strategist…I think that about sums it up! As the owner of an idea agency, it is important for me to be comfortable and stylish to reflect my creativity while at the same time being buttoned up and professional to convey my business side. Living in the Northeast means dressing for all kinds of weather, I love my Adea pieces because they are versatile no matter the season…and no matter the occasion!

My personal style is….I never think I have a particular style, but whenever I shop with friends they say, "this is so you!" 

My personal styling trick is … a little swipe of bronzer right underneath the collarbone

I’d be lost without….gel polish, the regular stuff chips in a day

The best place I’ve ever traveled to is…Cape Split, Nova Scotia - breathtaking

My favorite Adea piece is…my black scoop-neck, 3/4 sleeve bodysuit. I haven't worn a body suit since Jr High, but I love it, b/c it's like a second skin (and stays tucked in!)


Flash round:    

Morning person or night owl?    morning

Coffee or tea?   coffee

Cats or dogs?  big cats, small dogs

Beach or mountains?  beach!!

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May 10, 2014

Nice post. Even in high school there was most definitely a “Chris Tieri” style!!!!

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