How a pencil skirt should fit

October 23, 2013

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A pencil skirt is one of the most classic pieces in a woman’s wardrobe, so I find myself shopping for them with my female clients on an almost weekly basis. And thus, on an almost weekly basis, I find myself explaining how a pencil skirt should fit. Like most items of clothing, I find that my clients (and the general public) are wearing their pencil skirts too big, basically rendering them incapable of asserting their figure-flattering and feminizing powers. So, in this PSA - Public Style Announcement - I would like to review how a pencil skirt should fit so that there is no confusion…

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The Waist

The waistline of your pencil skirt should sit at your natural waist, the narrowest part of your midsection, roughly 1-2 inches ABOVE your belly button. At no point should a pencil skirt ride below your belly button and it most certainly should not rest at your hips. If this is happening, it is [much] too big!!


The Curves

The curves of the pencil skirt should follow the curves of your body, tracing the lines of the female figure. The skirt should hug your hips and butt and angle in underneath both as it follows your leg. If your pencil skirt hangs in a straight line like dead weight from the outermost edges of your hips and butt, size down immediately!

The Length

While women of different heights can technically accommodate different lengths of pencil skirts, the most classic and universally flattering length is for the skirt skim the top of the knee-cap. You’ll be well-dressed for any occasion or environment!

If you follow the guidelines above, your pencil skirt will fit you properly and you will be able to take advantage of all of its benefits. If the waistline of the skirt is in the right place, your legs will look longer since they now begin at your true waist instead of below your belly button or at your hips. If the curves of the pencil skirt trace your figure, you can assert your femininity and show off your sleek silhouette in a classy and sophisticated way. And, finally, if the length is just right, your ensemble will be appropriate for any situation and your leg line will be uninterrupted.

Now, go forth and buy a pencil skirt! Your wardrobe (and figure) will thank you!

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May 23, 2014

Thank you for sharing this. Very informative.

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