What is The Daily Front Row?

April 25, 2018


On Thursday, February 8th I passed by Saks on Fifth Avenue at 50th Street and saw two twentyish females giving out copies of a big, glossy magazine. “What do you have here?” I asked.

The 15th Anniversary issue of The Daily or The Daily Front Row that runs 102 pages measuring 10 ¾” x 13 ½”

“This is The Daily,” one answered. “It appears every day during Fashion Week.” I took the copy they gave me and brought it home. Once I started to look at it closely, I found that this celebratory 15th Anniversary issue was full of interesting, fun quotes from people in the fashion world who – presumably – attend New York’s Fashion Week (from Feb. 8th to the 16th). I decided to select some of the quotes I liked, from names I knew, for this week’s blog.

Photo of two French stars is courtesy of The Week

But first, here’s info about the owner and editor-in-chief, Branduse Niro who was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. Initially, she moved to Paris because “I needed to breathe.” Then Niro went on to Toronto and New York where The Daily was launched. When Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair saw it he said, “This is the best and most original magazine I’ve seen in ages!” During Fashion Week a FREE copy comes out every day to report up-to-the minute Fashion Week news. In other words: if it happens today, it will be in print (yes, in one’s hands) tomorrow. How in the world they do this is beyond me.

The glam editor-in-chief, Branduse Niro, of The Week who speaks Romanian, Italian, French and English – photo, courtesy of The Week


“I love that The Daily always talks to me about fashion and theatre, my two great loves. We talk about my collection and then we talk about the shows I’m excited to see. Happy Birthday!” Michael Kors

“The Daily has been a huge part of my fashion memories: from when the magazine was handed out at the Bryant Park tents to news about my favorite places in NYC.” – Carolina Herrera

“I presented Laverne Cox with an award at The Daily’s Fashion Media Awards. We have a lot of respect for each other, so that experience was a real gift to me.”– Katie Couric


“For years, I’ve been saying, ‘Are we farmers?’ Everything should start at 8 p.m.” – Fran Lebowitz

Photo of the cynical, but hilarious, Fran Lebowitz is courtesy of The Week


“I fall in love with dresses the way I fell in love with my husband: quickly.” –  Cate Blanchett

“Armani’s a bit like Jack Nicholson. You don’t say no the king of Hollywood, and you don’t say no to the king of Italy.” – Leonardo DiCaprio. At the Armani show, 2006


“I don’t think I was ever a very good gossip columnist. I was just a reporter with a sensibility.” – Liz Smith, February 2011


My agent, Eileen Ford told me I had to fix my tooth gap and that I had to get a nose job. I discovered mortician’s wax, which I would put between my teeth after I whitened it up with shoe polish. That worked.” – Lauren Hutton

“I simply know how to use my time efficiently. I never stand up when I can sit down and I never show up when I can use a stand-in. But don’t worry you’re talking to the real moi. Publicity is too important to trust to others.” -- Miss Piggy

“I don’t have anyone to cuddle up to. I made up an ad that said, ‘If you’re in your eighties and have a jet plus a Bentley, call me.” – Eileen Ford, on life without her husband, Jerry Ford.

“I leave it to the construction workers of New York to wake me up. They never fail.” – Fran Lebowitz


 “Her entire face is fake, but it’s working for her.”

“Everyone should get married twice.”

“I was thin when it mattered.”

“I don’t eat pizza that’s been touched by the masses.”

“We need drag queen money.”

Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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