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January 03, 2018


I first became aware of this event when I spotted a heads-up mention of it in the November 2017 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The name of this exhibit intrigued me, so I marked my datebook. I didn’t want to miss it.


The cover of the booklet one was given when entering the exhibit, all artwork: courtesy of Louis Vuitton

On Tuesday, November 28th I headed down to 86 Trinity Place via subway and got off at Wall Street. Then I was stumped. Which way to go? I asked a newsie: which way was 86? He didn’t look at me. He just started tapping on his cell. I said to myself, “This isn’t going anywhere” and walked off.

I stood at the corner looking up-and-down Trinity when he came dashing out of his stand and pointed uptown. “The big V, the big V,” he shouted. Sure enough, a huge orange banner was draped on a building a half-block away. How could I have missed it?


This exhibit starts off like The Rolling Stones exhibit. Their show began with a dramatic, heart-stopping video wall. CLICK HERE to see the Stones Exhibit, Part 1. When one enters the Vuitton show there is a subway car whipping by that is so realistic you can’t believe what you’re seeing. How is this done? I haven’t the faintest idea.


The Louis Vuitton Company was founded 163 years ago. Their creations were tailored for strength and lightness. Vuitton’s use of canvas and patterns made his products unique. He perfected the flat trunk, now considered the beginning of modern luggage. In 1896, the famous Monogram canvas was designed to honor the founder of the company.

Timeless, elegant and sturdy Louis Vuitton luggage


The Painting Trunk: In 1924, René Gimpel, an art dealer, ordered this ovesized trunk. It has drawers for fragile frames   

What struck me most about this exhibit was the company’s ability to take one idea: a basic trunk and create endless variations for years to come. For example:

  • Hat trunks – had a series of boxes for gloves and even men’s top hats
  • Desk trunks – that could double as storage units for linens
  • Wardrobe trunks – clothes could be hung on hangers
  • Picnic trunks – for those who traveled in style with food and drinks
  • Secretary trunks – along with library trunks, writing desks and mobile offices
  • And today? The company says, “There is no fantasy or extravagance that cannot be packed. Shower trunks, altar trunks, bed trunks, or cigar trunks – in every situation, Louis Vuitton can match the traveler’s ambition and needs with equal expertise.”

My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw this. Inside? A made-to-order Supreme X Louis Vuitton skateboard


This exhibit ends with a spectacular display of gowns worn at the Oscars and the Met – yes, the real thing is displayed along with a huge screen showing Kate Moss, Debbie Harry, Madonna and others wearing these creations. The last day for the NYC show (appearing in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, South Korea) is January 7th. Don’t miss it.

CLICK HERE to see the Stones Exhibit, Part II


We always make a point of checking out New York’s windows and reporting on them because they are so spectacular and draw huge crowds during the holiday season.

Barneys gets my vote for “The Best” this year – however, all the holiday windows in NYC were great

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This year was no exception. You can see for yourself. CLICK HERE for a superb overview of New York’s Christmas windows for 2017 as shown in the New York Post. 

Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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