Valentine's Day for All

February 06, 2017


Not that long after the New Year festivities end, the hearts begin to appear and the talk of love, soul mates and dinner dates begin to pop up. Yet, what about those that do not have someone they want to spend this day with or simply may not be interested in the events that surround this particular day? Well, I have some ideas that will allow you to still have an amazing Valentine's Day and allow you to spend it your own way.

Set a Night with the Girls

Now, this may be a more obvious one, but why not get that discussion started now? Have a girls' night out and know it could be something fancy to something low key, from a five star restaurant to a local diner. Have fun with this and let your expectations simply be to have a good time - enjoy the quality time with the girls.

Do Something for You

Go to that movie you have always wanted to see or book a spa treatment or even a massage or visit that new exhibit at your local museum. This is about treating yourself to an experience, something you will remember and possibly enjoy the effects of for longer than just one day.

Do Something for Another

Take this day as an opportunity to put a smile on the face of another, maybe volunteer at a local shelter or assisted living home or stop by your neighbor's home to say hello. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture, as even the smallest of gestures can make the world of difference to another.

Buy Yourself Some Flowers Or...

Flowers are nature's medicine and are a nice way to treat yourself. Or, if that isn't of interest, why not treat yourself to that new coat or outfit or those new pair of shoes you have been eyeing. It's ok, you can treat yourself to something special.

Set Your Sights on the Unexpected

Take your mind off of what Valentine's Day has evolved to be and instead focus on going with the flow. Let the week and the day itself unravel as it should. Do not let yourself get caught up in the "rules" of the day.

However you decide to spend your Valentine's Day, have a wonderful time and make it your own.

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- Aimee

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