Valentine’s Day Coming Up

January 30, 2019


I must admit, I’ve never given much thought to Valentine’s Day – as an adult that is – it’s different when one is a child. We’ll bring this up again later. To start, let’s look at the options for this special day.

Flowers Speak Volumes

When I started researching this topic I saw very quickly that flowers (primarily roses) were the #1 choice as a gift to mark this special day.  Let’s take a look.


This color is associated with strong emotions such a love and nothing comes close to saying, “I love you” like red roses. Even one beautiful red rose presented with a flourish can melt a damsel’s heart. (I think I’m really getting into this.)


Want to honor a friend on Valentine’s Day? Pink roses show admiration, grace and appreciation. A bouquet of pink roses is a great way to say “Thank you” to someone who is special in your life.


Why not surprise a loved one with white roses? They symbolize innocence, and charm. Even youthfulness! This makes them the perfect gift for a beloved grandma or great aunt. You’ll probably hear, “Why me?” Five words will do it, “Because you’re special to me.”


This is the way to say, “We’ve been friends for years and I care about you.”  There’s no way that one would frown while looking at twenty-four yellow roses – an explosion of color and delight.


People either love or hate orange so check ahead – in a subtle way. Personally, I love this color because it radiates warmth and energy. That’s it for flowers. Now let’s take a look at candy.

A Heart-shaped Box of Chocolates

Richard Cadbury came up with this great idea in 1861. He was the son of Cadbury founder John Cadbury. He reportedly used drawings of his family and Alpine scenes to decorate this new creation of his and, 158 years later, heart-shaped gifts are still going strong.

A Romantic Dinner on Valentine’s Day

This seems to be a big favorite so YELP compiled a list of 25 restaurants in the U.S. that are considered the most romantic. In New York, it’s (1) Gramercy Tavern at 42 East 20th Street, (2) Club A Steakhouse at 332 West 29th Street and (3) Per Se at 10 Columbus Circle. The “most romantic of all” is Café Monarch at 6939 East First Avenue, Scottsdale, Arizona. Take your pick!

Different Things Happen on Valentine’s Day

FIRST: Hooters (the restaurant chain) will give you free chicken wings on Valentine’s Day if you shred a picture of your ex-girlfriend, wife, whatever. (No comment.)

SECOND: Last year, 2.6 million people sent themselves a card on Valentine’s Day (presumably to impress a certain someone).

THIRD: Kids are still expected to send a card to everyone in the entire class (even those one does not particularly like) to avoid hurt feelings.  I remember this daunting task very well.

CLICK HERE for “A Night Like This” in Budapest, Hungary. Caro Emerald will blow you away. For best results: sound on, full screen.

Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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