Threads Styling: Fast Fashion Via Fone

August 29, 2018


I’ve decided we’re all living in truly extraordinary times – everything is moving faster and getting bigger by the day. Sometimes the news (now on TV, via phone, computer or hard copy) is so otherworldly that I find myself reading some items five times to make sure I’m really “getting it right.”

Now you can shop from your phone     


“Jeff Bezos’ net worth is based mostly on the price of Amazon stock, and Amazon shares have been soaring, up more than 50% over the past six months.” That’s mind-boggling, right? Now, read on.

“Bezos started 2018 with a fortune worth nearly $100 billion, and he quickly added $10 billion to his net worth within the first two weeks of the year.”

I can believe all of the above because I live in a New York apartment building on Park Avenue and the number of packages (with the Amazon logo) coming in every single day to the reception desk in the lobby is absolutely staggering. I think we’re helping Bezos make his next billion.

The arrow in the Amazon logo goes from the letter “A” to “Z” – meaning you can buy anything your little heart desires. That’s why the world loves this company.


This riveting article appeared in Vogue’s April 2018 issue with the headline, Instant Gratification and a subhead saying, “Would you buy a bag with a five-figure price tag via social media? THREADS STYLING already knows you would. 

Immediacy is the New Luxury: The article, which is written by Rebecca Willa Davis, starts with this, “As consumers become more accustomed to not only looking and liking, but buying from their phones – retail analysts at McKinsey & Co. project that U.S. mobile transactions alone will reach $930 billion annually by the end of the year – fashion companies are developing features to make shop-and-pay easier and simpler.”

Ferragamo slingbacks and bag

One Company is at the Forefront: Here’s more news about this revolutionary concept. “Sophie Hill, 35, is the founder of London-based Threads Styling, the first ‘fashion concierge service’ to harness the potential of tech in fashion by using live messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Snapchat.

Hill explains, “We don’t ask clients to download our app and we don’t ask them to visit our website.” Instead, clients – at the moment they span across 100 countries, with 70% under the age of 35 – browse photos on Threads’ own social media account or screengrab images from elsewhere – then they are paired with a personal shopper.

The Founder’s Eureka Moment: Hill launched her startup in 2009 at the age of 27. “I was on a trip to the Middle East in 2012 when I noticed how clients were embracing Instagram,” she says while adding, “Our audience is mainly time-poor millennials.” She has 60 employees who speak 15 different languages.

Rapidly Increasing Demand: Customers in the Middle East – including 27-year-old Kuwaiti Princess Shahad Jaber Al Sabah, who discovered Threads via Instagram has helped drive sales to $20 million last year.

The Fastest-growing Category: Fine jewelry is a winner! But here’s the snapper: for all the innovation and technology, the way Hill and her team celebrate big sales is straight out of Dickens. They ring an ancient school bell! 


Launched in 2015, this Chanel diamond watch with an alligator strap was an instant hit – Angelina Jolie is a fan

I find this both charming and hilarious.

Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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