The Beautiful Côte d'Azur

June 19, 2017


The French Riviera. The name alone makes me think about sunshine, bronzed skin and a laid-back lifestyle. My first trip to this area was sometime back. When I planned the trip, I got too excited and tried to cram too much into a short amount of time. It was hard not to when you know you are so close to Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco and Nice. In turn, I thought I'd offer some of my first impressions on each stop to help inspire you as you plan your next holiday.



A must stop. Going into the trip, I thought this would be the town we would be in and out. I was wrong. Although it's the furthest away from the urban city of Nice, out of the earlier mentioned towns, it still has its share of tourists. Yet, the beauty of Saint-Tropez is that it seemed to have still retained its small town, fishing village charm. We just spent one day here, although, we could have made this our home-base, especially if we wanted a truly relaxing holiday.



Having had always heard about Cannes from the Cannes Film Festival, my expectations were quite high. Of course the city had some sites to behold, such as the La Croisette, the promenade, or exploring the shops or imagining the town come alive during the festival. Yet, it may have just been me, but I appreciated the small-town feel and charm of some of the other destinations on this list.



For the art lover, this stop is a must. There is a Picasso Museum that overlooks the sea. The Musée Picasso was the Château Grimaldi at Antibes, and is built on the foundations of the ancient Greek town of Antipolis. As you can imagine, the city is rich in history. The city itself is cute and quaint, as one would expect in this part of France. The Musée was definitely a highlight for us.


A city with the trifecta of urban living, amazing food and culture. Nice was our home-base and as we cycled, offered a little something for everyone. There are museums, paths to cycling climbs and much more. The city is known for its pebble-filled beaches. Although, you are on the Côte d'Azur, so you are right there guaranteed an amazing time - even with some pebbles. And, the food and wine! I can't recommend both enough. Yes, you are in France, so it should be expected but both were not only delicious but also very reasonably priced. I highly recommend Nice as your home-base, if you are looking for more of an urban holiday where you could fill your days and nights with varying activities.



This principality is small, as I'm sure you are well-aware. For me, first visiting Monaco was much like moving into my first Manhattan apartment, I didn't realize how small it was until I got there. Even with this said, I adore Monaco. There is something special about the idea of Monaco - maybe it's the multi-million dollar yachts, the American connection with Grace Kelly or something else - but I love this little oasis nestled in France. 

All of these cities are connected by either bus or train. We crammed all stops into a matter of three days, although, you could easily spend a week or more enjoying what each of these areas have to offer.

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- Aimee

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