Nine Celebrity Entrepreneurs

November 30, 2016


The whole entrepreneurial landscape is rapidly changing it seems. The distaff side is entering and succeeding in unprecedented numbers, especially those who have already staked their claim in the entertainment world. Here are succinct descriptions of nine of them – in no particular order.


Personal: Currently ending her third marriage. There are two children from this union. Background: Producer, director, author and actress; had her first acting job at 11 months. Business: A makeup line Flower Beauty in Walmart; a production company, Flower Films and Barrymore Wines.  


Personal: Met her husband 12 years ago and has been married since 2008. They have three children. Background: Actress, model and businesswoman; has no college degree. Business: Founder of the Honest Company, which sells nontoxic body care products and works with Target, Costco, Nordstrom and Whole Foods. [See our blog, Women Breaking Barriers]


Personal: Married to soccer star, David Beckam, for 17 years; they have four children. Background: Singer as “Posh” in The Spice Girls as well as a fashion designer. Business: She showed her flagship designs at NY Fashion Week and has flourished ever since. A business journal named her Britain’s top entrepreneur of the year in 2014 and listed her wealth at $320 million. [See Adea’s blog, The Spice Girls Are Still Great]


Personal: Divorced from Coldplay front man, Chris Martin; they have two children. Background: Actress who won an Oscar at 26. Marissa Mayer of Yahoo wouldn’t hire her as a contributing editor because she has no college degree. Business: Her lifestyle blog, Goop, which she is expanding; her investment in high-end gyms, the launch of a number of pop-up stores and writing cookbooks. [See Adea’s blog, A Tale of Two Cultures]


Personal: Married 19 years to actor Matthew Broderick; they have three children. Background: Actress, producer, designer who is best known as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City which ran for six years (94 episodes).

Business: Has her own fragrance, SJP NYC; partnered with Nordstrom to promote her footwear line, SJP, by making personal appearances in stores all across America.

Sarah Jessica Parker – worked with Nordstrom to promote her footwear line


Personal: She has been divorced once and has two children from her first marriage and one from her second. Background: An actress who dropped out of Stanford University after one year. She spent six months learning how to sing for Walk the Line and won an Oscar for her performance. Business: Has a production company, Pacific Standard, which had its first release in 2014’s critically acclaimed Gone Girl.

Reese Witherspoon – spent months learning how to sing; won an Oscar

  1. TYRA BANKS, 43

Personal: Never married, one child. Background: A Victoria’s Secret model, a cosmetic line and CEO of her production company. Business: She was the Executive Producer behind the long-running TV show America’s Next Top Model and her daytime Emmy-winning The Tyra Banks Show.

  1. BEYONCE, 35

Personal: Married to rapper and hip-hop entrepreneur, Jay-z, for eight years; they have one child. Background: Dancer, songwriter and singer in the R&B group, Destiny’s Child; appeared at President Obama’s second inauguration. Business: She co-founded the fashion line House of Dereon with her mother; partnered with the British fashion retailer Top Shop, an active wear retailer and through her global brand has built a business empire.

  1. TORY BURCH, 50

Personal: Divorced twice, currently engaged to Pierre-Yves Roussel, CEO of the LVMH Fashion Group; has three sons and three stepdaughters. Background: Though she had never worked as a fashion designer, she launched her company in 2004. Business: She has created a worldwide lifestyle brand. Forbes estimates that she is a billionaire. [See our blog, An Entrepreneur with Six Children]

Shaun Nelson-Henrick


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