Le Tour de France - why you need to watch a stage

July 19, 2019


Let the racing begin! The 106th edition of the Tour de France has begun. Even if you aren't a sporting fan, you must give the Tour a try. In fact, here are three reasons why you need to watch at least one stage of this year's Tour de France:
The Scenery - from the Alps to the Pyrénées to the châteaus to the castles, there is always something to see as the cyclists make their way through this three-week event. What makes the viewing even more special is the variety of sites. We get to take in mountains, lakes, trees and cities. It's a fantastic way to begin planning your next trip...to France! 
The History - there are cycling stats thrown into the commentary, which is interesting even if you aren't a cycling fan. For example, did you know in the early years of the Tour de France it is said cyclists would hop in cars or trains? Who would have thought?! When the scenery from point one passes by, the commentators often speak to various landmarks or points of interest. Sometimes they highlight a current use of a château or a memorial from WWII. You just don't ever know what you'll learn in watching a stage.
The People - considering the longest stage in 2019 is 230 kilometers or roughly 143 miles, there are plenty of places for spectators to stand alongside the road, in houses, in fields and the list goes on. And, they do! The spectators sometimes make or break a stage too - literally. There are times the spectators are a little too eager to help the fan favorites. On the other hand, there are many that let the riders ride and simply showcase their enthusiasm by creating human signs in a field or dress up to cheer from the sidelines. Their enthusiasm is energizing, even via the TV.
Then, there are the cyclists themselves who often put on a show. It's one way to make yourself stand out. Also, after spending so much time riding, they might as well have a little fun.

Having been fortunate enough to experience the Tour de France in person, I can say it is truly an amazing experience. If you can't make it to France, grab an espresso and a croissant and enjoy the stage live in the comforts of your own home. The Tour de France started on Saturday, July 6 and ends on Sunday, July 28.

Allez! Allez! Allez!
- Aimee
P.S. Read more about Le Tour at myadea.com.

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