Halloween Costumes - Fashion Edition

October 26, 2017


Heidi Klum is known for modeling. She also has a lingerie and swimwear line. Yet, what she often seems most excited about is Halloween. Every year, you can catch her offering sneak peeks into her costume choices and often the process involved in making her visions a reality.

For those who may enjoy Halloween but may not want to go quite as far as Heidi, in terms of creating custom prosthetics, or have the time to do so, here are some ideas to help make your next Halloween a little more fun, with a fashionable twist.

Think Great Gatsby

The flapper era was one that exuded fun. The outfits were flirtatious and had moved nearly as quickly as those that danced in them. Now, how do you pull inspiration from this era to make your own Gatsby-inspired costume?

Head to a local vintage shop for a low-waisted dress. As this was a trend that has come and gone multiple times, you may stumble upon something. Otherwise, look for something with a loose skirt, knee length. Sleeveless is a plus, although, not necessary.

Then, add some long necklaces - yes, layer your accessories, including adding a headpiece. If you find a feather or feathers, add it here!

If you have some chunk heeled shoes, which are beginning to trend, add them in. They are optional but are a great way to tie this look together.

Add a Mask

I'm not talking a traditional mask, instead, an eye mask. Tap into your inner Venice carnival persona that crosses paths with Fifty Shades. This look can go as basic or as far as you'd like. For this post, we'll stick to basic.

Here's one option. Take a black lace eye mask. Then, pair it with an all black ensemble. Elevate this look with a little black dress and some heels to make them wonder who exactly you are portraying - play it as safe (Venice carnival) to as daring (Fifty Shades) as you'd like.

Go for the Unexpected

This option is for those who may want to do something slightly traditional, by wearing a "traditional" costume, yet wants to add a different flavor. This would mean that rather than being a witch or a pirate, you may be a whoopee cushion or a soda can or something that you had to search for in your local Halloween shop or online. This option lets some creativity flow, but in a different way.

Of course, when in doubt, you could always deck yourself out in Adea - leggings with a layering top and a long sweater that you may have on hand, with some new trainers - and be an "Adea Woman".

Have fun this Halloween and share some pictures!

- Aimee


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