Glorious Orchids

August 01, 2018


The year 2018 marked the sixteenth annual Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden so we decided to go and take a look at this showcase of dramatically displayed orchids in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

 A postcard from the NYBG – this is a deep pink phalaenopsis – also known as “The Moth”—it is one of the most popular orchids – I love it!

The show ran from March 3rd until April 22nd, so on Thursday, April 12th we hopped on a Metro North train for the 20-minute ride to the NYBC. For some reason, we had a rather casual approach to this adventure. We didn’t check the train schedule – instead, we decided to wing it.

Luckily, it left about seven minutes after we arrived in Grand Central. When we got to the track the friendly Metro employee said cheerfully, “The Garden? Go up to three cars from the front.”

Hello? We took one look at this behemoth that seemed to stretch from NYC to the Canadian border and, after ten seconds, decided to pop into the nearest car.


This was our third trip to NYBC in the past five years and I feel it’s my duty to say this: they really have a great staff. No one gives you short shrift. You get excellent answers to your questions – all delivered with a big smile. Perhaps I’ve lived in Manhattan too long: go into the average supermarket and ask where an item is located. You’ll get a hostile look and a finger pointing towards South America. (The exception is Trader Joe’s where both the attitude of the employees and the service is terrific.)


As soon as we walked in we saw a showstopper called the Cascade of Orchids that was 18 feet tall and is described by the NYBG as “a living sculpture featuring a great many live orchids, including rainbow, cane and moth.” The sign describing this piece noted that, “the artist’s primary goal in creating this work was to celebrate the individual qualities of each flower.”


On the back of this NYBG postcard it reads: the Orange Epidendron

What really caught our eye was the plastic tubing in this piece that is meant to reflect light and mimic the rain forest vines where tree-dwelling orchids hang in the wild.  

From this first mind-bending display we followed a winding path through the various connected greenhouses while viewing: a European-style gallery with a classic Greek fountain, a dramatic, mossy wall that we were dying to touch (but didn’t) and a room filled with desert succulents.


Be aware: like museum trips, this exhibit takes a certain amount of energy. Towards the end we really felt the need to sit and rest a bit. So we headed off to the Pine Tree Café that has lots of tables and chairs – many of which are near windows where one can sip strong, hot coffee and eat cookies while watching tiny birds whip around outside – and inside. They’re the in-house entertainment so, of course, they expect to be paid. We obliged by surreptitiously tossing tiny crumbs to one who was promptly joined by six more. NYBG puts on quite a show all around.

CLICK HERE for the link to the NYBG Shop – it has very stylish “TABLE” goods.


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Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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