Art Basel in Miami

December 11, 2017


Especially in the last few years, fashion publications in the beginning of December speak a lot of Art Basel. This Miami art festival seems to have gone from something for those in-the-know to something for everyone. This year, I got to attend Art Basel, and here's my take.

As Art Basel has evolved, so has Miami and South Beach. There are those that go to be seen - think parties after parties after parties - to those who are going solely for the art to those wanting a mix of both.

If you are going to the parties, you can expect to see actors, actresses, model and designers. It seems every fashion house, hotel and gallery has something going on during this time, even if they don't call Miami home.

In Miami's Convention Center, you are welcomed with many different works of art. There are sculptures, modern works, abstract pieces and the list goes on. There are artists and attendees from around the globe. This part of Art Basel is like taking a journey to various art museums around the world and a must for those who appreciate art.

From here, there are talks, films and so many other activities to experience that all revolve around art. Many artists have pop up exhibits during this time, which allows you to submerge yourself in art you may not otherwise be exposed to, in quite a unique way.

At night is where you can choose to hit up some parties, grab a dinner in South Beach or maybe head into Miami Design District to experience that part of Miami.

Speaking with locals in the Miami area, Art Basel has grown exponentially. I for one may not be into the party scene, but for all of the art this event offers, along with the infusion of various fashion events, such as Proenza Shouler at The Webster, I will be back.

Miami can be experienced in many different ways and Art Basel is one.

- Aimee

P.S. It was hot in Miami so even if it's December, do not forget to pack an Adea layering top.

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