Around the World on a Private Jet

March 20, 2019


I have always been intrigued by the idea of flying around the world in a private jet to check off must-see spots on one’s bucket list. However, when I’ve received brochures about this type of travel the info is usually in the form of descriptive copy and photos of the tours. For example, the number of passengers per tour, how many days each tour takes, where the tour goes, what one will experience, and finally, the cost per person. 

Photo: Courtesy of Travel & Leisure

Then I got lucky when I came across a terrific piece in Travel & Leisure written by a talented travel writer named Jancee Dunn who actually went on a lavish private-jet, 25-day, fast-moving tour that kicked off in Seattle and made its way through Kyoto, Japan; Hoi An, Vietnam and the Maldives. Dunn joined the group in Kigali, Rwanda on DAY NINE when it was heading for a gorilla-trekking expedition in Volcanoes National Park.  


She admits that friends had warned her to brace herself, saying that the experience would give her a tantalizing and, frankly, painful glimpse of what air travel feels like in a perfect world. They were correct.

Dunn first realized this when her seatmate said, “May I have seconds? This sandwich is really great.” She notes that she had never heard someone make a request like this on a plane before. Her seatmate’s delicious sandwich was courtesy of onboard chef, Kerry Sear. He had created this chicken sandwich with a yogurt-cucumber dressing and fresh herbs.


On this $100,000-per-person trip, passengers were, for the first and only time, joined by TCS president Shelley Cline, who had picked her dream itinerary. She told Dunn that her clients choose a private-round-the-world journey so they can see as many places on their bucket list as they can, in a short period of time and in comfort.

After a presentation about Rwanda, passengers flitted around, cocktails in hand – a buzzing party in the air. Nine hours feels like six on a private-jet flight, say those in the know. Dunn reports that she was beginning to see why. Early on, her mother texted, “Are they friendly?” And she replied, “Yes, the vibe is marvelous. We’re all clad in the same athleisure clothing, having received matching jackets in our complimentary Tumi suitcases. There is little one-upmanship. After all, everyone is in the same 0.001% -- so why bother?


First and foremost, she notes that all the annoyances of travel were smoothly eliminated: at least 20 smiling TCS staffers were on hand at every airport. “Even those annoying customs cards were filled out for us in advance.” (The total staff on the tour, from start to finish, numbers around 500.)

Another TCS calling card is having moments of “surprise and delight.” For example: in Rio a private breakfast at the foot of the Christ the Redeemer statute as dawn broke over Corcovado Mountain was offered. Another TCS tour that included Namibia went even further. On the way to the hotel, guests were transferred to waiting dune buggies. Then camels came on the scene bearing baskets of fluted glasses and, get this: A TEAM OF SKYDIVERS DESCENDED with bottles of champagne.  Unbelievable!

Toucan – a tropical fruit-eating bird with a massive bill and brightly colored plumage that is found in Brazil

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic


I also received a private jet tour brochure from National Geographic that began in Washington, DC; went down to the Panama Canal, Lima Peru, over to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and on to Patagonia at the tip of South America. It returned back up to Cartagena, Columbia and finally ended in Miami, Florida.  

Traditional boats in Lake Titicaca, Peru – located in the Andes – it is the “highest navigable lake” in the world

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

The route of the National Geographic private jet tour – from Washington, DC to Patagonia and back up to Miami, Florida

Map: Courtesy of National Geographic

Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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