A Spa Day - The European Way

February 17, 2017


Before last year, I had always thought a spa day consisted of a massage or a facial or some other body or skincare treatment. It was only last year that I fully understood the European meaning of a spa.

Ironically, I have European friends that would tell me they were going to a spa, although, it didn't sink in. I thought my male friends were simply enjoying a relaxing day. My one friend informed me it included pools and saunas. Again, I heard him, but it didn't really sink in as to what the experience was like.

Then, last year, I went to my first European spa. Cutting to the chase, it was amazing.

There were pools with jets of all shapes and sizes that were coming from all directions and angles. If you wanted pressure on your lower back, you would make your way over to the south side of the pool. If you wanted your upper back, you headed towards the center of the pool. There was something there for everyone.

In addition to the pools, there were saunas, a Turkish bath and an outdoor pool and hot tub. There was even a yoga class taking place on the rooftop.

Above all, the experience was not pretentious. In fact, people of all ages, excluding children - at least when I was there, were in attendance. People were extremely polite and respectful of each other and their surroundings. It was a relaxing day, and it offered a first-of-its-kind experience.

Flash forward to this month where I went to Spa Castle Premier 57 in Manhattan. Yes, an European-inspired spa experience in the heart of Manhattan. I couldn't believe it myself when I first heard about it.

With this being my only second spa experience and where the first one set the bar so high, I was a bit nervous. But, it did not disappoint. Much like my first experience, what made this one exceptional was those in attendance - people were respectful of quiet zones and indoor voices, allowing the full potential of the pools, baths and sauna's to sink in and full relaxation to ensue.

While my first spa experience was all about the pools, my second spa experience was all about the saunas. At this spa, there were a handful of them, all varying temperatures and focuses, including the Himalayan Salt Sauna, the Far Infrared Sauna, the Gold Sauna, the Chromotherapy Sauna and, my favorite, the Loess Soil and Charcoal Sauna - which offered me just the right temperature and ambiance. 

And, if you wanted to cool off, there was the Ice Igloo. I'll admit, I was there only briefly - very briefly.

Although swimwear and a provided uniform was worn, there were fully nude areas - women were separated from the men - that definitely allowed one to let their inhibitions go.

On that note, I highly recommend you see if there is a spa near you or next time you are on holiday, try to seek one out. And, after you are feeling extremely relaxed, why not slip into an Adea Layering Top and some Adea lingerie.

- Aimee

P.S. A quick note - I generalized by saying European spas, as that was the location I first experienced them in, is a part of their culture today and was - dating back to the Romans, although, a spa experience can also be found in Japan, among other countries. 

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