A Different Point of View

June 09, 2017


Living in a place like New York City that offers so much, it's easy to forget just how many varying experiences there are to be had, from world-renowned museums to performances to shows and the list goes on. In turn, for someone such as myself that appreciates the arts, there's always something to do. Recently, I made a conscience decision to take advantage of some of my favorites spots - cue The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Right now, they not only have the Costume Institute's "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between" exhibit but also the "Irving Penn: Centennial" exhibit, which showcases over 150 photographs that include fashion, still life and portraits. This of course is in addition to all of their other exhibits they offer.

Since The Met is a gem of a museum, with so much to uncover, I decided I would go with whoever expressed interest. The first trip was focused on the Kawakubo exhibit. I went with fashion industry friends that were not from the area. It was my first time really being exposed to the designer's work, so it was quite an educational experience.

The second time I went, I went with a small group. This was not a fashion group. In fact, we began our journey with the Egyptians and made our way through the museum - we were traveling through time, if you will. We stopped to see Penn's work and also made a stop at the Kawakubo exhibit. And, with non-fashion minded individuals, it offered me a different look at the same pieces I already saw. This time around, I was having to explain the pieces and helping them to see the works through her eyes. In turn, this was an education experience but in a different way than the former.

Lastly, I went with someone that is looking to get into the fashion design industry and lives in New York City. Of course our first stop was the Kawakubo exhibit. His perspective on the designs, I had now seen two other times, forced me to look at them in a different way. I looked more at the shapes and where the possible real-world - for quite avant-garde pieces - inspiration came from, such as windows. This time around, I learned something new by seeing the exhibit through his eyes.

The beauty of this is that you do not have to go to The Met or even go somewhere different to gain new knowledge or have a one-of-a-kind experience. Sometimes, a different perspective is all you need to make something new again.

So, grab your favorite item from your Adea collection, call up a friend or an acquaintance or a co-worker or a spouse or a family member and meet them somewhere unexpected. You'll be opening yourself up to a new experience, even if the setting is a place that is in your own backyard.

Enjoy the adventure!

- Aimee

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