Making Holiday Travel Less Stressful

December 21, 2015


Whether you are traveling to see family or friends or traveling to a warmer or cooler climate, traveling during the holiday season always seems to add a different dimension to the commute.

For this post, I'm going to offer some tips that will help you make your holiday traveling a little less stressful.

  1. Think Ahead

Often times, especially when it comes to holiday travel, you know in advance where you will be going. So, start thinking ahead. Whether this means checking with the neighbors to see if they can stop by to water your plants or pulling your suitcases down from the attic, by taking some time today to do small tasks, it's those small tasks that will leave you with just a little extra time on the day of your commute.

  1. Dress in Layers

From the airport chill to the varying preferences of the thermostat in the car, layers are a must. Bring pieces that are comfortable for sitting long hours in, even if you aren't going that far - plan for the unexpected. Also, remember that layers can still be flattering.

For example, try an oversized boucle or cashmere sweater over an Adea Layering Top with a pair of Adea's Stretch Leggings in Italian Jersey paired with a pair of boots. You'll be comfortable, be in layers and be stylish!  


  1. Be Patient

Last but not least is a reminder to bring your patience. Of course this is easier said than done, but remember that if your flight is delayed or you get stuck in traffic, fighting with your spouse or getting irritated about the situation is not going to help you get there any faster. Instead, take a deep breath and remember that before you know it, the moment will be over - just ride out the wave.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

- Aimee

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