Three Tips for Dressing for Holiday Parties

December 07, 2015


Not that long ago it seemed December was far, far in the future. Now that it's here, I have no idea where all of the time went. Of course, this also means it's about catching up and getting prepared for what is about to come, as these final weeks of 2015 are certain to fly by.

With this said, this time of year often includes many parties. What do you wear? Should you dress up or dress down? Can you wear jeans? These are just some of the questions I'm going to help answer.

Here are Three Tips to Help You Dress for Holiday Parties:

  1. Be Yourself 

This tip may sound straight-forward but how many of us, and I've done this before too, take this as an opportunity to try something new? Whether it's a current trend or something you haven't worn before and just needed somewhere to wear it to, you take this time to do it.

My recommendation - resist the urge! Especially at a time like this where you still want to be yourself and feel comfortable, whether at a work party or a family get together. Remember, the quickest way to feel uncomfortable is when you don't feel like yourself.

2. Best to be Overdressed than Underdressed

I'm sure you've heard this concept stated before, and I agree with it. I've been on the side of the coin where I was underdressed and quickly employed tactics next time to help avoid this situation.

Keeping in mind the first tip, if jeans are what you always wear and feel most comfortable in, try dressing them up. Pair them with heels or a cashmere sweater or an Adea Layering Top with a blazer. And, as I often mention, play up the accessories, as these are easy pieces to take off or add on, if you find you have a bit too much or too little on.

  1. Have Fun

Although this time of year can start to wear one out, it's important to remember to still have fun and enjoy the moment. Even if you are accompanying your spouse or partner to a work event where you do not know anyone, or you are at a family gathering where all seems to be going awry, try to make the best of it. 

Remember, if you happen to forget tip one or tip two, letting your smile shine through will definitely help keep spirits high.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

- Aimee

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