Black friday #OptOutside

November 23, 2015


We all hear the stories about people lining up at 3am to be the first into a store for Black Friday deals. Or the hordes pushing their way though the aisles to get the hottest deals for the holidays.

Well, one retailer aims to change that. 

REI, the fitness and outdoor sporting apparel store, announced that they will be closed on Black Friday in an effort to encourage their customers to spend some time being active with their friends and families. With the hashtag #OptOutside, REI wants people to share what they are doing on Black Friday. What a great idea! 

My family and I have been celebrating the holidays in a minimalist way for a few years now and it makes a huge difference in my enjoyment of the season. Participating in a "secret santa" gift swap, we purchase a gift for only one person in the group. Without the stress of having to buy for a multitude of people, the individual gift can be well curated, thoughtful and more meaningful.

I will take REI's advice this Black Friday and #OptOutside. Maybe I'll take my nephews, all bundled up, for a walk in the morning. Then perhaps I'll head into the city and enjoy the holiday windows, strolling through the streets. No pressure to buy - just a nice time to people watch and enjoy the vibrancy of the season. My version of #OptOutside.

On behalf of the Adea Team, we hope that you enjoy the magic of holidays with your friends and family over the next few weeks.

- Christina





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