Thanksgiving Travel Tips

November 19, 2015


Can you believe the holidays are almost here?! It seems like just yesterday we were talking about last minute summer getaways and how to find the perfect swimsuit. Now, Thanksgiving (and all the yummy food!) is right around the corner.


If you haven't already made your travel plans, take CN Traveler's advice and avoid traveling on Tuesday Nov, 24th. The article explains further here. Also good to note - avoid traveling from noon to 4pm on Thanksgiving day itself and pack leftovers for your trip back in case you get stuck! You trip home might be a few hours longer but at least you'll have stuffing to hold you over.

One of my favorite travel writers, Travel Fashion Girl, posted recently about essential items to pack for holiday travel. You can read the full list here. The best suggestion, in my opinion, is to bring a water bottle. Bring an empty one to the airport to fill up at the water fountain or stash a full one if you're driving. Not only will you hydrate in preparation for Thanksgiving cocktails, but you'll save some money on expensive, bottled water.

The last tip comes from my mother. Eat a good breakfast and have a snack on the way to your Thanksgiving destination. The last thing you want to be is ravenous when you walk in the door.

Happy Feasting!

- Christina

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