A Fall Roundup

October 07, 2015


September is a pivotal month for fashion magazines so I decided to take a close look at five publications to see what’s in the news. And yes, I read hard copies because I enjoy flipping through all the pages to get an overview.

A few observations: there’s a lot of repetition, e.g., a lovely young lady (actress, singer) appears on the cover; the number of ads is phenomenal and the fashion reporting is overwhelming. Every boot, coat, blouse and dress on the planet is shown. Most important: one needs a forklift to pick up these uber mags (Vogue checks in at 832 pages, Bazaar is 702).

Given all of the above, I decided to comment on the editorial that I found informative and interesting. And, I also decided to do a roundup of this year’s Adea Blogs that tie in with the September pubs.

Vogue Dolce & Gabbana

No editorial in Vogue got my vote, so with my years as an advertising copywriter, I decided to look for “breakout” ads and came up with one: Dolce & Gabbana. Their two double-page spreads were groundbreaking and fun. The emphasis is on fashions for the family and includes everyone from an adorable infant to a bespectacled grandma and everything in-between, e.g., a Grace Kelly-type blonde – eight months pregnant – holding a toddler. A great concept executed with style.

Bazaar Jacqueline de Ribes

I loved this insightful piece about the eternally elegant Jacqueline de Ribes titled The Queen of Couture and written by Robert Murphy. Back a bit, I saw the French countess at a Kips Bay Event and thought she was even more striking in real life. At the Met on 11/9, Jacqueline de Ribes: The Art of Style will feature her haute couture and ready-to-wear gowns.

Adea Blog An Inside Look at a Glam Life (Kips Bay House) 7/29

Elle Céline and Joan Didion

A superb piece by Lizzy Goodman entitled Who Owns Joan? It analyzes the controversy that has arisen from her legacy as a cool, rock-star author (I saw her at a Barnes & Noble record-breaking event for her book, The Year of Magical Thinking and was stunned by the turnout) and her role in the current Céline ad campaign. The article also reports that an upcoming documentary about Didion raised $200,000 on Kickstarter.

Adea Blog A New Look at Age, 1/7

Glamour Great Tips

We Want Clothes That Fit is a must-read piece by Lauren Chan, Glamour’s associate fashion writer, that goes into the challenge of buying clothes that look good on one – and if not – how to handle this. The author begins by saying, “Ignore Your Size” (I totally agree) and moves on to “Shop for Your Biggest Part” (sensible idea) before ending with “Alterations” and “Consider Custom-Made.”

Adea Blogs Finding Your Perfect Bra, 8/3, 7/20, 7/6

W Viva El Arte

This issue of W includes a review of the recent changes in Cuba’s thinking and the revitalization that is taking place in this island country. The author, Linda Yablonsky, discusses Havana’s vibrant art scene in Viva El Arte and talks to the local citizenry – one of whom made this touching comment, “We all cried on December 17th when the embargo was lifted. Obama’s speech was our Berlin Wall coming down.”

Adea Blogs Cuba, 3/25, 18, 11 and 2/26, 2/20, 2/12, 2/6


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Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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