A Jamestown, Rhode Island, Adventure

October 09, 2015


After moving to the East Coast a little over a few years ago, I quickly realized there was an endless array of sights to be seen within a short distance.

Not only having to explore New York City, but then there's Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and the list goes on. There are also trails to be hiked and roads to be biked. Quite simply, as someone that enjoys traveling, it's hard to get bored.

Most recently, I had an opportunity to go to Providence, Rhode Island. I had some friends flying into Boston, and we decided Providence offered up a great meeting point.

As we all are fans of the sea, we decided to head to Jamestown, Rhode Island, on a tip we received from a local in Providence. Although off-season, Jamestown offered a charm that was hard to match.

We strolled down the main street, met a wonderful gentleman who was manning the Jamestown Fire Department Memorial Museum. He shared some stories that only someone with the wealth of knowledge he had could do.

As we continued our journey, we stopped for some coffee and pastries at the Slice of Heaven. Then, we continued our journey across the island. We ended up at The Shack at Dutch Harbor where we got to choose from a no frills lunch that included fish tacos, a black bean bowl and lots of chips and salsa. I must add, it was quite delicious and the view of the sea was just as special.

We slowly made our way back and took one final stroll around.

Then, we jumped in the car to explore a tad more of the area, including Beavertail State Park that houses a lighthouse.

Although Newport, Rhode Island, which is within site of Jamestown, surely gets more attention, I highly recommending giving Jamestown a try.

Also, if you have the opportunity to explore it with some good friends, it makes the experience that much better.

- Aimee

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