The Awe of New York Fashion Week

September 15, 2015


Before moving to New York City, I paid some attention to New York Fashion Week, but I was more interested in what was in the stores that I could buy at that moment.

Flash forward to my time living in New York City and after attending fashion school.

Quite simply, I have a new respect for all fashion weeks.

Outside of what is currently trending within the industry - think bloggers everywhere with what you wear outside the venue key to attract street style photographers and bigger and more extravagant shows - there is an awe to fashion week that makes it special.

No matter the show, there are nerves that come over everyone involved, from the designer to the interns to the models.

In some cases, designs are still being sewn and/or altered the minute up until the time they are due onto the runway.

There are almost always style adjustments made - or finishing touches - to the models the second before they enter the runway.

Above all, it's imperative to ensure the vision of the designer is exuded as perfectly as possible.

And yes, fashion shows are as chaotic backstage as you imagine. Yet, they somehow always come together.

I've worked runways from behind and in front - as a worker and as an attendee. As a worker, you invest months and months into a ten minute show that is then digested and reviewed by editors and buyers from around the globe - the attendees.

Now, with NYFW for spring/summer 2016 nearly over, it's hard to believe it'll be time to look at fabrics for fall/winter 2016. 

Of course there is a glamour exuded about NYFW, but I'm in awe of those behind-the-scenes that impact the fashion I was so obsessed with growing up.

The only difference between then and now is that I didn't realize how big of an impact a fashion show in New York City would eventually have on my fashion choices in the Midwest.

The beauty of Adea is the team works hard to design classic pieces in fabrics that withstand all seasons and all trends. Hence, if all of the NYFW talk gets too much, know you can always count on classics in your wardrobe, such as those from Adea, to ensure you always have a timeless look on-hand.

- Aimee

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