Three Last Minute Summer Trip Ideas

August 17, 2015


It's hard to believe August has nearly come and gone. With time flying by so fast, you may have realized you hadn't planned a getaway yet.

Even if it's just for a weekend, taking some time away from your everyday routine can be quite refreshing, especially before the summer days end and winter begins to creep in.

With that said, here are three last minute summer trip ideas:

  1. Visit a National Park

On August 25, in honor of the National Park Service Birthday, there is free entry to National Parks. This may be a great opportunity to visit a National Park in your area for a fun day trip or to venture somewhere slightly further away.

Be sure to check out the National Park Service website for more information.

  1. Go for a Bike Ride via an Organized Ride

Cycling has become a hobby of mine, and one of the ways I enjoy doing it is via organized rides. You'll probably be surprised by how many organized bike rides there are in your area, at least through summer and early fall.

The beauty of organized bike rides is you have a route already planned, rest areas are most often stocked with snacks and refreshments and there are a variety of skill sets participating. Additionally, it's a fantastic way to see a new area that you may otherwise not have traveled to. is a good, nationwide resource for upcoming rides.

  1. Book a Bed and Breakfast

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast can be a unique experience. You are often in a home with history, have the opportunity to meet other individuals from all walks of life and can feel like a local in the neighborhood.

Spending a night at a B&B can also seem to make a night's stay a tad more special as the B&B is an experience within itself. The beauty of a B&B is you don't have to travel that far away from your own home to still come back feeling as if you were in a completely different area.

Try as a resource and even Airbnb lists some B&B's on their site.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, something as simple as having a picnic in a nearby park and turning off all cell phones can be just as memorable.

Enjoy each and every remaining summer day.

- Aimee

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