Back-to-School: On the Move

August 12, 2015


One of the dorms for NYU is located very close to where we live on lower Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This means that we often see students moving in and out. Fathers are usually unloading the family car while the students are rushing back-and-forth with an endless stash of clothes, computers and small appliances.

Whether you’re a college student, a relocated professional or a senior downsizing from the family manse, the chore of moving can be stressful. I know this firsthand because we’ve just gone through the process and it was quite an experience. Here are a few tips you may find useful.

PLAN AHEAD…but don’t be surprised if a few things go wrong. Make endless lists and be sure to do things in order. There’s no point in having the Time Warner cable guy show up before your new TV from Best Buy has arrived.

THROW AWAY…this is no time for fond memories. One piece of advice I was given was this, “Just throw everything in cartons and sort it all out when you get to your new home.” No, no, you must weed out as you pack. Toss what you can and give furniture, clothes and household items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

USE A RULER…or a tape measure and make sure that the pieces you are taking or buying will fit in your new digs. Even after you do this, you’ll probably find that some items are too big and simply won’t fit. Also, be sure that everything will fit through all building/apartment doors and elevators.

GET COVERAGE…many places now require Insurance Certificates from movers and retailers to guard against damage when moving items in and out. Make sure you have the correct information for these documents and that they are sent to the right people. This is very important and should be done ahead of time so there are no snags on moving day.

HIRE GOOD HELP…the movers we hired were recommended to me and I was very pleased with their performance. The move out-and-in went very smoothly and was completed in three hours. Plus, everything was placed in its proper spot in the new place.

BUY STURDY BOXES…you can get cartons at your local supermarket but I wanted clean, strong ones so I spent $80 dollars at Home Depot for cartons, twine and tape. These boxes were easy to assemble and definitely worth the money. And yes, I threw them all out after the move. Tip: Don’t forget to have scissors handy the day of the move – you’ll need them more than you think.

TAKE IT SLOW…after the actual move one is faced with lots of cartons that have to be unpacked. This does not have to be done quickly. If you’ve made a list or marked your cartons you’ll know what each one contains. Do the must-have ones first. Or, as one friend said to me, “I emptied one carton at a time over a number of days to keep my sanity.”

DISCARD MORE…if some items aren’t right for your new home then you have one of two options: alter and make them fit or simply throw them out and buy new. Finally, pour a glass of sauvignon blanc and congratulate yourself on pulling off a very difficult task.


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Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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