Finding Your Perfect Bra - Part One: Body Basics

July 06, 2015


Bra shopping. When many women think about that phrase, they cringe. After working in lingerie, I was fortunate to help many women find a bra that would work for them.

What was interesting about this period in my life was that sharing with people that I worked in lingerie, they often thought of it as just another retail category. Yet, there is something so personal to bra shopping that it's hard to find a comparison.

Whether a client was simply in search of a bra that fit her properly or wanted to feel like herself again after a mastectomy or a baby or even after an augmentation, it was my job to help ensure she found something that she was comfortable in.

Bottom line is that a proper fitting bra can change your outlook on life. It may sound overreaching, but finding a bra that takes you from the four boob effect - a term I often used when referring to how the top of the breast would spill out of the bra - to a seamless silhouette can boost your confidence and allow you to focus on other aspects of your life.

In this three-part series, we are going to take a look at how to find you that perfect bra.

Let's get started on Part One: Body Basics.

Whenever I met a new client, it was all about sizing them up first - literally.

It was about looking to see what they were currently wearing, how their current bra was fitting them and working to understand their body shape, often all while measuring them.

What's unique about this approach to bra fitting was that it was quite calculated - helping a client find a bra was almost scientific.

I'm going to work to try and demystify some of this for you by having you first take a look at Body Basics. Remember, be honest and open with yourself.

Let's begin with the Position of your breasts.

  • Is there a gap between them?
  • If yes, how many fingers can you fit comfortably in the space?
  • Do you have breast tissue that extends towards your armpits?
    • Note: This is often seen as overhang in some bras and can be quite noticeable in tank tops, for example.

Next up is the Shape of your breasts.

  • Are they what I refer to as a teardrop shape?
    • Note: This is often seen in women who have had children, as they seemed to most often lose the fullness in the top of the breast.
  • Are they "perky"?
    • Note: This doesn't have to mean small but rather regarding the fullness remaining at the top of the breast.
  • Do you have implants?
  • Have you had a mastectomy and have not had implants?

Many of these questions we would be able to answer just by looking at the client.

As each individual's story is unique, their bra needs to be as well.

All of these questions help determine which bra style may work best for you, which is what we will talk about next time.

- Aimee

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