The Versatility of Denim - Part II

May 20, 2015


Last week’s blog described the origins of blue denim jeans. Now, let’s take a closer look and see what’s involved in the various types of jeans being offered.

Basically, jeans for women can be described according to their cut, fit, rise and wash.

  • CUTS can be straight, skinny, flare and boot cut
  • FIT entails slim, stretch and loose fit
  • RISE is high, regular, low and super-low rise
  • WASH can be described as acid, stone, dirty and vintage wash

Many of us choose a style that we’re comfortable with and stay with it, while others like to try new looks when the mood strikes. One thing remains constant and that’s the description, “blue denim jeans”. However within this framework, trends in jeans can shift and change.

A PIONEER MISSES In Fast Company, April 2015, Art Peck, the CEO of GAP, Inc., had this to say, “The trend right now is destructive and destroyed denim. Our washes are clean. Obviously, we missed this trend.” The Gap has recently lost considerable business, but Peck aims to make the chain relevant again by decreasing the number of stores and bringing in new talent.

In last week’s blog, we illustrated the age span of the blue denim jeans wearer by citing a 93-year-old and a 2-year-old. That’s a remarkable 91 years! Now let’s take a look at someone in the center of this group as far as age is concerned.

AMY SEDARIS, 53, author/comedian has this hilarious commentary about her jeans when interviewed for an article in Bazaar, April 2015.

“I’ve worn the same three pairs of jeans since 1999. The designer, Todd Oldham gave them to me. They used to be his so they’re all tattered. I just get them stitched up over and over. There’s more patch now than jean. A friend took them apart and applied fresh denim underneath so now it’s old jeans on top of new.”

GOING FORWARD The world of denim is exploding and currently gives the wearer lots of options. Below, we’ve teamed blue denim with Adea. Let’s explore:

  • A women’s denim jean jacket can be in distressed or destructed denim. This will give an edgy touch to an outfit, e.g., this jacket works if paired with floral print jeans and Adea’s three-quarter sleeve crew neck layering top in a color called “soft heather”.  
  • A blue denim shirt can be a cool, casual addition to one’s wardrobe. It offers a relaxed fit and features a button down front and roll sleeves. It teams perfectly over Adea’s sleeveless, crew neck layering top in dark navy.
  • Women’s blue denim shorts offer easy comfort in the hot summer months. Styles include Bermuda length and short shorts that are cuffed or ripped. Blue denim shorts work well with Adea’s spaghetti strap camisole in white or lilac.
  • And blue denim jeans? They work with everything Adea offers. That’s why Levi’s jeans and our layering tops are called “classics”.

Trust we’ve given you ideas for freshening up your spring and summer wardrobe.

- Shaun

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