Fun with scarves and belts

April 08, 2015


You’ll get more fashion mileage out of the scarves and belts in your wardrobe than any other accessories you own. Here’s a closer look at scarves:

The Loop

  • The all-year item. A cozy woolen one wrapped around one’s neck on a cold wintery day can be very reassuring. For the other three seasons scarves can be used to pep up an outfit that needs a little extra punch.
  • A range of prices. Whether you choose to splurge for a Hermès, the ne plus ultra of the scarf world (it’s really an investment) or a more reasonably priced Ellen Tracy number – there’s no end to the prices offered where scarves are concerned.
  • Lots of sizes. The same can be said for the size of scarf you want to wear. For example, the silk Hermès is a 35-inch square, but then it’s all the way down to the all-cotton 19-inch cowboy bandana (an American classic) that can jazz up a denim jacket.
  • Many colors and patterns. The choices are mind-blogging. One never seems to see a repeat. You’ll find vibrant flowers on blue backgrounds, white squiggles on a black background, cheetah and leopard designs – and even “camouflage” print scarves. Are we going duck hunting?
  • A great selection of fabrics. You’ll find lots of possibilities, e.g., light and airy silk, soft and lightweight cashmere, popular and breathable cotton plus cool and classy linen.
  • Many style choices. One of my favorite ways to wear a scarf is called “The Loop”. It always seems to work. And, for the sake of simplicity one can do “The Toss”. Just do what feels right for you.

The wrap

Now, let’s take a look at belts and the great options they offer for the modern woman:

  • The two basic belts. The wide belt is dramatic and is usually worn at the waist. The skinny belt has a more casual feel and can be worn at the waist, hips or wherever one chooses.

A Piecework Stretch Belt

  • Sizes for all. XS is extra small (24”-26”), S is small (28”-30”), M is medium (32”-34”), L is large (36”-38”) and XL is extra large (38”-40”). Tip: purchase belts that are about two inches larger than your waist size.
  • Great style selection. Leather is classic, while suede can be plain or with a pattern. There’s also elastic or stretchy material and finally “braided” – which can be made from any material – but is usually leather or suede.

A leather belt

  • A versatile accessory. Belts have recently become a fashion staple that the wearer can return to again and again. And belts are like scarves – they offer extra fashion mileage for everyone.


Team your favorite scarf or belt with Adea’s Long Sleeve Mock Layering Top for a stylish – and ultimately very wearable -- ensemble.

- Shaun

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