Seven Fashion Faux Pas

February 11, 2015


We all see clothing mistakes on the street, in our local stores or even in our own offices. And we think to ourselves, “did she get dressed in the dark this morning?” Of course, most of us are too polite to say anything, but that doesn’t stop us from having an unspoken opinion. Let’s take a look at some of the no-no fashions that we’ve seen recently.

VISIBLE BRA STRAPS I’m putting this first because it’s an unsightly fashion that’s everywhere in New York in the hot months. Yes, it’s cold here now, but winter travel to hot climes is big in February, so invest in a racer back or strapless bra. You won’t be sorry.

Visible bra straps

THE MUFFIN TOP When pants do not fit properly, or are not right for one’s figure, style goes the way of all flesh. Pardon the pun. But let’s be honest, tight-fitting, low-rise jeans often result in a roll of unsightly avoirdupois spilling out over one’s waistband. This happens no matter how slender one may be if the fit is wrong. 

The muffin top

THE EXPOSED THONG This is another aspect of the low-rise jean. Bend over and we’re all treated to a show of underwear and perhaps the “plumber’s crack”. This is acceptable if one is fixing a leaky pipe – but not a pretty sight on a female who should be wearing mid-rise or high-rise apparel.

The exposed thong

A VISIBLE PANTY LINE A fashion faux pas that is right up there with the see-me bra straps in Manhattan. Before leaving to go outside it’s a good idea to take a look at one’s rear in a mirror. The look known as the VPL can be avoided by wearing underwear that matches one’s skin color. This rule is particularly important when wearing white shorts, slacks or jeans.

THE BAGGY LOOK The opposite happens when one opts for loose-fitting sweatpants. They may be really comfortable for college classes or long-distance air travel, but the jump-out-of-bed look definitely leaves one’s fashion sense out on a limb.

THE ALL-PATTERN LOOK We’re all for having fashion fun and lots of flair, but leopard or zebra prints should be used sparingly. The same applies when dealing with all-over flowered fabric. Stripes are another example, however if handled right, they look great, e.g., the French fisherman’s striped T-shirt.

The all-pattern look

SOCKS WITH SANDALS Fashion-forward actress Chloë Sevigny may be able to pull off this look but, for the rest of us, it’s a definite faux pas. Overall, wearing socks with sandals seems to be more of a male indiscretion. Whatever. When one sees it, one cringes.

Socks with sandals


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- Shaun



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