Scouting for locations

January 22, 2015


From sourcing fabrics to testing out new styles, there's never a boring moment at Adea. One of the most exciting parts of the job, in my opinion, is scouting locations for our photo shoots. For us, in particular, it can be challenging to find a backdrop that won't drown out our basics. Ornate furniture, harsh surroundings or lots of bright color can detract from the minimalistic look and feel of Adea's bodywear. We require just the right amount of background texture and architectural interest to compliment the simplicity of our products. Not too much, not too little. 

Massachusetts, where we call home, is full of old mill buildings built in the early 1900s. Many communities across the state have partnered with developers and local businesses to bring these buildings back to functionality. The buildings possess incredible character, unique details, and plenty of nooks and crannies with beautiful natural light. After a bit of cleaning (ok, a lot of cleaning!) this old mill building might just have what it takes. What do you think?   

Expansive 2nd floor with tons of natural light

Curved, wooden staircase

Huge doors and windows with lots of natural light

Stay tuned to see what the images look like after the shoot.

- Christina


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