Color in Accessories

January 01, 2015


Happy 2015! I still cannot believe another year has come and gone. Although I'm not one for resolutions, I am one to look at making incremental changes or trying something new.

As the New Year rang in, I always think of confetti and the beautiful colors it exudes. I have discussed with you some tips on adding color to your wardrobe in the post, Have Fun with Color and now I'd like to speak to colors in accessories.

Nail Polish

One of my favorite ways to add some life to any outfit is by adding color to my nails. From a siren red to a color of the rainbow, your nails can be your palette of color and should be fun. This year, instead of trying a solid color, why not try a design? It may push you out of your comfort zone, but it may also become your next beauty obsession.

Butter London's Tartan Design


Even though I'm one who stays pretty consistent in what adorns my ears, I'm always fascinated by the women who dress up their ears. Even if it's a subtle pop of color or an array of colors, earrings are a fantastic way to draw the attention upwards, such as to your eyes. 

Just imagine the below earrings with an Adea Mock Neck Layering Top- gorgeous!

Lauren Ralph Lauren Earrings at Bloomingdale's


Lipstick is something so small that can make such an impact on your overall look. A classic red is a color that doesn't go out of style. Of course, finding a red that works best for you, is often the hardest part. Experiment, have fun and remember to feel confident. Even if the individual helping you says you look amazing, you need to know you look amazing or the red just won't work.

Mac Cosmetics is a brand loved by many. Also, try Make Up Forever or Urban Decay and Marc Jacobs Beauty has some nice options.

Much like the pops of color in the confetti falling during New Year's, have fun with color here and there- it's a great way to spice up an outfit you may already have in your wardrobe or to help you sparkle in a new way.

- Aimee

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