Let's play with color

December 03, 2014


Did you know that blue is the most popular color and orange is the least popular? Or when one says, “I’m having a purple patch” it means a period of good fortune?

With colors in fashion, it seems that most of us like to go with what we know – tried-and-true seems the best approach. Or is it? Let’s explore.

Who said that jeans have to be blue? Here’s stylish Kate Middleton in brightly colored skinny jeans paired with a classic, preppy navy blazer.

Here’s a smashing all-white gown with a flash of color that’s repeated in an evening bag. A great idea for all of us.  

Nothing can energize one’s mind like a red blazer or jacket that goes well with black pants and heels or a snappy black pleated skirt and tights.

Who made the “black handbag” rule? A vibrant color makes a great fashion statement and gets attention.


An Adea camisole in a color you’ve never tried before. For starters take a look at emerald, lilac or oxblood. Isn’t it time you played with color?

- Shaun

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