Life on the Runway

April 27, 2016


In mid-February of this year, I received an invitation via email to Giulietta’s Fashion Week After Party in the Meatpacking District. This looked like a fun event to me.

But, who is Giulietta I wondered? I discovered that it’s the name of a company founded in 2011 by Italian designer, Sofia Sizzi, who named her company after Fellini’s classic movie, Giulietta of the Spirits. 

On a dark, wintery night we headed to the Troy Liquor Bar at 675 Hudson. What a surprise! The bar has a speakeasy vibe that makes it very difficult to find. If there’s no line outside, just figuring out where the entrance is takes effort.

The Troy Liquor Bar has a pool table and a foosball table plus a horse big enough for one to sit on that has been made into a lamp (see rear left)

One walks down and down very narrow, steep steps to a dark, underground bar where the music is blasting and one of the most popular drinks is called Jailbreak. You get the picture.

While there we met a Danish runway model, Sannie Pedersen who, I quickly decided, would make a good subject for an interview.

Sannie Pedersen, runway model

For the past four years, Sannie has lived in New York. “But I’ve visited California and Las Vegas – a city I really love,” she adds. In Denmark she appeared on a TV reality show for three seasons. This enabled her to segue into modeling in France, England and Germany. “In this country, I was in five Fashion Week shows last year and six this year,” says Sannie.

Sannie Pedersen, runway model

She also notes, “I speak fluent English, Danish and German. And I am currently learning Spanish. Within the next four years I want to be able to speak five languages fluently. The last one will be Mandarin.”

Unbelievably, Sannie never weighs herself. She notes that, “I don’t even own a scale.” She keeps her 5’11” frame at a size two by checking her bust, waist and hip sizes. “I use a measuring tape and if I get bigger in one spot my personal trainer gives me exercises to work on it,” she explains.

One of her favorite designers is Malan Breton, a Taiwanese-born American fashion designer based in New York City who launched his namesake label in 2005. This leads me to ask, “Do you ever fall in love with the outfits you wear in runway shows?” “All the time,” she says laughing.

When asked about being nervous in a show, Sannie replies, “I don’t get nervous about the show, but I sometimes get nervous about the fabric or the dress and the way I must show it. This season, my dress was very long so I had to have a number of fittings and wear a higher heel.

“I can walk in any kind of shoes. Give me the highest heel and I can walk. That was not the issue. The dress was so long I felt as if I was stepping on it. Also, it was so tight around the knees that I could only take tiny steps. So in order to follow the beat of everyone else I had to sort of run in super high heels. I ended up saying to the male model walking behind me, ‘If I fall you can just give me a kick off the runway because I won’t be able to stand up in this dress.’”

She never missed a beat and never fell -- just another stellar day on the runway.   


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Shaun Nelson-Henrick

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