Flying in style

November 05, 2014


Back in the day, one dressed up to go on a plane – it was considered the thing to do. We’re not going to take the nostalgia route, but at times, it seems as if the pendulum has swung too far. Let’s take a look:

Dressing up for plane travel in the sixties and seventies

ON YOUR BOD On long flights, such as from New York to Hawaii, one wants to be comfortable. No tight jeans. I’ve read that sweat pants are the answer. I’m not so sure.

Another important factor is the temperature of the plane. I’ve been on a number of extremely cold ones. Now, even in summer, I make sure I have a sweater, shawl or wraparound scarf.

ON YOUR FEET It’s recommended that one wear loafers (with socks for warmth) – especially in these high-security days. I agree. On a recent trip, when my husband was having a devil of a time getting his lace-up shoes back on, he politely asked, “Do you have a shoehorn?” The reply? “We’re not a shoe store.”

And never wear a new pair of shoes on a long trip. Also, be very careful about taking your shoes off completely. I had a unsettling experience once when I did this and could not get my shoes back on. This necessitated hobbling out of the plane with the shoes half-on and half-off.

IN YOUR EARS As a courtesy to the person sitting next to you, check your headphones or ear buds to make sure they don’t leak. There’s nothing worse than being forced to listen to another person’s music when you’re on a long trip.

IN YOUR BAG It seems that everyone wants to forego checking bags these days because a carry-on is easier. I agree, because after dealing with lost luggage three times, I swore we’d never check a bag again. The worst was a New York to Barbados trip in the dead of winter. Coming from 20 degrees in wool-and-cashmere outfits and landing in Barbados in 90-plus with no luggage was overwhelming.

Where's my checked-in luggage?

A kindly Barbadian policeman rushed us to the nearest store for purchases of shorts, T-shirts and sandals. And yes, 10 hours later, our luggage arrived safe and sound.

Idyllic Barbados


Adea’s tops are perfect for the ups and downs of cold climate-to-hot travel. Why not wear our Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top in navy blue while on the plane and take our Bra Friendly Camisole in navy blue in your carry-on. Add smart-looking khaki shorts and flip flops in the same bag and, if your luggage has temporarily gone astray, you’ll be just fine.

- Shaun

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