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October 13, 2014


The comment I often get asked, in regards to fashion, while living in New York City is, "Does everyone always wear black?"

Of course black can look quite chic, is slimming and yes, is often seen in New York, but by adding pops of color to your wardrobe you can instantly take your outfit from drab to fab. Believe it or not, even those of us in New York City appreciate color.

Keeping the theme of color in mind, I went to Adea to find some amazing fall colors.

The Office

Depending on where you work, you may need to stay on the conservative side. Adea's Long Sleeve Turtleneck Layering Top in Oxblood is a nice way to add some color to your suit or even to an A-line or pencil skirt without rocking the boat too much. 

If you want to turn up the color even more, try Adea's Long Sleeve Mock Neck Layering Top RedRose, which is a slightly brighter version of Oxblood.


Adea's 3/4 Sleeve Crew Neck Layering Top in Navy Blue may not follow my pop of color advice per-say, but it looks amazing paired with anything grey and provides a great base for any colorful items you have in your wardrobe.



Whether you are going out to dinner or simply enjoying a relaxing day off, Adea's Bra Friendly Camisole in Emerald is one of my favorites to pair under a blazer and with jeans for a classic look, paired with a cardigan for a casual but still polished look or even paired with a bomber jacket, which suits a more trendy look we are seeing a lot of currently.

At first glance, Adea's Long Sleeve Crew Neck Layering Top in Fog may seem like another neutral color, but I love it because there's an underlying blue tint to it that makes it unique. This color bodes itself well to becoming a wardrobe staple as it can pair nicely with jeans to the trendy jogging bottoms that are the latest rage to being versatile enough that nearly any sweater in your wardrobe would go nicely over it.


The beauty of adding color to your wardrobe is not letting anything define your limits. By adding pops of color here and there, you are allowing your wardrobe to multiply in possibilities. Plus, when you are adding color or even providing a neutral base with one of Adea's tops, you know you are adding to your wardrobe a versatile piece.

Be sure to share with us how you embrace color this fall season.

- Aimee

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