Rich tricks

September 24, 2014


How does one attain a “rich look” without breaking the proverbial budget? It’s easier than you might think. Let’s take a look.

KEEP YOUR WEIGHT DOWN. As the years go by, staying slim takes effort – let’s face it, one’s weight creeps upward if one doesn’t watch it. So bypass the bread, cut down on your wine intake, say “no” to desserts and your weight will be fine.

WATCH YOUR HAIRSTYLE. We all know that the ladies in Texas love Big Hair. But for those of us who want to achieve a classy look, this is a big no-no. Remember Tess McGill (played by Melanie Griffith) in the movie Working Girl and her exploding hairstyle that she quickly changed. And while we’re at it, let’s not even discuss the current trend of showing dark roots in blonde hair.  

WEAR SIMPLE JEWELRY. Here’s where you can definitely budget your money. Faux pearl earrings and small cubic zirconia studs (small is the key word) are great-looking accessories that always flatter one’s face. If you come into a windfall of cash and want to splurge, treat yourself to a Cartier Tank – they go as low as $3,500. Or try a classy Shinola watch with a wraparound strap (shades of Hermès) that I noticed one of the graphic designers in our ad agency wearing today.

GIVE YOURSELF A MANICURE. With practice you can pull off good manicures and pedicures. The current trend in nail art is quite over-the-top, e.g., flashy designs that should only be seen on teenagers. For the rest of us, it’s short, clean nails in solid colors such as nude, soft pink or a classic red.

SPLURGE ON A GOOD BAG. If you’re not willing to fork over big bucks for a Chanel or Gucci handbag then choose a simple, classic number with no glitz. Most important: make sure the bag is in proportion to your body type and height. I see petite girls lugging handbags in Manhattan that look like military duffle bags. Big Rule Here: Never buy knockoffs of any famous brand – it’s illegal and very tacky.


All of Adea’s tops are classic basics that fit into our Rich Tricks approach to life and living. Some of our styles are available in an amazing 19 colors – what a selection!

- Shaun

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