Shopping in Style

September 10, 2014


Let’s be honest: shopping can be a lot of work. In fact, a day spent in changing rooms can be exhausting. That’s why women love shopping on the web so much. It’s just easier.

However, there are certain items that we ladies find we must try on – for example, shoes. I cannot imagine buying a pair of winter boots without trying them on my hard-to-fit feet first. Yes, I know that returns are a no-brainer – I just don’t care to shop that way. Not yet, at least.

And, although Vogue and Bazaar are marvelous reads, I rarely see items that fit my daily life. Of course, there are times when I fall hard. Recently I came across a terrific Stella McCartney black jacket with fantastical white squiggles that took my breath away.

YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS DESERVE A BREAK Don’t shop until you drop. Meet with friends and factor in time for a civilized lunch at a special spot. Several weeks ago, my friend Kristen and I decided to have tea at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan. Don’t be misled by the word, “tea” – for us it was so filling it was “lunch.”

The ambience in Bergdorf’s Kelly Wearstler-designed restaurant is truly special. Sitting in her tall, elegant Porter chairs made us feel like princesses as we ate dainty tea sandwiches and sweets from a three-tiered tray.

OR, IF YOU’RE SHOPPING SOLO you might try this. The Oyster Bar at Grand Central is midway between Saks and Lord & Taylor and if you’re feeling peckish it’s a great pit stop. Enjoy a bowl of Clam chowder or She-crab soup with delicious crackers and a glass of Chardonnay.

The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station


Our 3/4-sleeve crew neck top comes in 19 delicious colors. How about the new Fog (a pale gray) or Jungle (a forest green with a hint of blue) to freshen up your fall wardrobe?

- Shaun

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