What's new for fall 2014

August 20, 2014


I’ve always believed that the “year” actually goes from one September to the next. Back-to-school and fall fashion forecasts are great. Who really cares about cold, gray January?

With this thought in mind, I started perusing the web, newspapers and magazines (I like to read the hard copy of a publication) to see what exciting fashion trends are in the works for Fall/Winter 2014.

I duly noted that fleecy shearling and cozy knits are in (always a natural for cooler weather) and that furs are back. Did they ever really go away? But then I hit a wall, because the incredible number of designers and their take on fashion totally overwhelmed me. Where were the nailed-down forecasts?

No News About Fall

Thinking I had lost my touch, I kept searching everywhere and then: Eureka! I couldn’t believe my eyes. In the Financial Times dated 7/26/14, I spotted a column, The Truth About Trends, by Simon Doonan, the author of a hilarious book called, Confessions of a Window Dresser that I read while on a plane en route for a Christmas vacation in the Cayman Islands. (I laughed so hard when I read it – I almost fell out of my seat and got a look from hubby that said, “What now?”)

Here’s What Simon Says

“The fashion landscape has never been more vast, diverse and mind-numbingly confusing than it is today. Where once there were 20 designers, there are now 20,000. The truth of the matter is that every hue, look, print, frock and shoe are concurrently available.” This is exactly what I found to be true. But then Simon adds this for a humorous wrap-up: you must adopt your own signature look.

Here’s What Simon Suggests

“If you want to dress like a hired assassin, try Rick Owens. Or are you feeling like a 1950s cowgirl or a stripper? Paging Guess. Thinking of joining Joni Mitchell and the other ladies of the canyon? Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie never fail to do hippie. You can even be Faye Dunaway in Network during the week and Kate-Moss-goes-to Glastonbury at the weekend.”

*design from Rick Owens

He ends on a high note: “It’s all about you – but in a good way.”

STAY TUNED: Next week we’ll have a roundup of exciting new looks for you from Adea. That’s the truth. Scout’s honor.

- Shaun

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