One cami, four ways!

August 09, 2014


Versatility and efficiency- those are the two things we should strive to find every day, especially in our wardrobes. When shopping- especially for basics, you want to pick pieces you can wear over and over again to create completely different outfits, for completely different occasions. That’s why, here at Adea we strive to bring you not only the most versatile and comfortable pieces, but also the most efficient garments, which, with the proper care, you will be able to wear for years to come.

We partnered with Aminta, a Venezuelan-born New Yorker of, and challenged her to style the cami. You can view more of Aminta's looks on her blog. Here are four ways you can style our bra-friendly Adea camisole; shown here in RedRose, but also available in 12 other colors.

Look 1. This is a casual weekend look. Sheer tops are very popular nowadays, and this cami is the perfect compliment for this one. Pair your shirt with some jean shorts and sandals, and head to the amusement park with your family and friends. Don’t worry if you spill some ice cream on your top, this cami is machine washable.


Look 2. Wear your bra-friendly camisole underneath a shirt, or a shirtdress to give your outfit a pop of color. Let your cami peek from underneath an unbuttoned shirt, to show off your flirtier side, while still leaving some things to the imagination. You won’t be too hot with an extra layer, because our fabrics are very breathable and won’t trap sweat and moisture.


Look 3. This is a look you can take from the office to happy hour. Pair a pencil skirt (leopard print optional) with your Adea camisole and a blazer for an office-appropriate look. A statement necklace is a great add-on if you’re keeping the rest of your look conservative. For happy hour with your coworkers ditch the blazer, throw on some fun jewelry- you can leave a few bangles and rings in your desk, precisely for occasions such a these- and get a small clutch to transition you look from day to night.


Look 4. A monochromatic look is always fun an unexpected. Some people will think you’re wearing a dress, but you know no dress will be as comfy as your Adea camisole. We paired this monochromatic look with a white blazer for contrast, which also makes it office-friendly. But if you’re on a weekend outing with your girlfriends feel free to ditch the outerwear and show off your arms. The best part is you don’t need a special bra to wear with this camisole; your favorite, comfiest bra will work great with the thicker straps on this cami. And as if red wasn’t eye-catching enough, a big necklace will ensure all eyes are on you, and your flawless style.

How would you style your bra-friendly camisole?


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