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August 04, 2014


Hi! Christina, here, to let you know that we've got some fun changes and updates coming to the blog. To give you more fashion news and styling tips with Adea, we've brought on board some extremely talented fashion writers and stylists. Over the next few weeks we'll introduce them to you. We hope you enjoy their insight as much as we do - let us know in the comments section!

This week we're thrilled to introduce you to Aimee and next week we'll introduce you to Shaun, both accomplished writers and fashion lovers!

Here's more from Aimee:

I wanted to start this post with a quick ‘hello’ and to say that I’m excited to be a guest contributor to Adea’s Daily Shot. 

My background, although at first may seem that of an untraditional fashion professional, has actually been a story I’ve heard from many others within the fashion industry. I started my career in finance and made my way into fashion from there- that of course is the long story short.

When I worked in banking, I lived in London for a period of time. While living there, I became exposed to various fashion trends, a broad range of product offerings available within the market and endless styling options that existed, especially in regards to boots and tights. This change in scenery, from that of the Midwest fashion scene that I grew up in, allowed me to begin broadening my fashion horizons while pushing my own fashion boundaries.

While overseas, I also grew a fondness for Europe and especially Italy. In Venice alone, I lost count of all the gelato I ate. It was just so amazing there! Upon entering the fashion industry, and upon my arrival in New York, I became devoted to understanding more about Italian fashion, the Italian industry and Italian brands, from the craftsmanship to their history to the artisans themselves.

With this mini introduction said, I’m excited to bring you learnings that I have uncovered along my own fashion journey while providing insight that will hopefully help you too.

Adea is a wonderful brand to be a part of. From the moment I opened my first Adea box, I knew there was something special to the brand. The team at Adea has a lot of pride in what they do, and I’m happy to be able to add some of my fashion insight via the Daily Shot.

With warm wishes and looking forward to our fashion journey ahead,


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