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July 30, 2014


I start a new job tomorrow at Talbots corporate headquarters as Visual Manager, Web Direct and Catalog, styling their online site and print publications. Because of this new venture and the time that it will demand of me, I will no longer be blogging weekly for Adea. It is sad to have to say goodbye, but I am confident that the ladies at Adea will find a more-than-capable replacement who can be sure that you are up-to-date on the best style tips, tricks and trends and who will steer you clear of fashion foibles.

As my final gift to you all, I have put together a list of my top five fashion tips. These rules-to-live-by will ensure that, no matter your size, budget or lifestyle, you will always look your best.


  1. Demand Fit

First and foremost, perfect the fit of your clothing. You could be wearing the most gorgeous clothing in the world, but if the fit is wrong, you will look sloppy and unkempt. And, to add insult to injury, the excess material will make it look as though you have packed on the pounds. See previous post here about fit.

  1. Add Flair

In order to take ownership of your style and make a “look” or an outfit truly your own, you need to add some personal flair. Cuff your pants, roll your shirt sleeves, tuck your top just so, layer your necklaces, tie (or untie) your laces in a special way, cock your hat to the side, loop your belt…you get what I’m saying. These signature styling tricks make your clothing look lived in and will become your fashion calling cards.

  1. Focused on Function

Be sure to dress for the occasion. Your fashions should make sense for the environment, climate, event and surroundings. If they don’t, you’ll be sure to be a fashion victim rather than victor. Take a look in the mirror before you leave. If you find yourself asking the question – “Is this outfit ok?” – then the answer most definitely is “no.”

  1. Not Forced

You can’t force a trend. No matter how much you love this silhouette, that hemline, this color or that embellishment du jour, if it doesn’t make sense for your body type, your coloring or your lifestyle, then the trend will wear you, rather than you wearing it.

  1. Without Fear

Anna Dello Russo - confidence in spades!

Once you have gotten yourself dressed, it’s important to wear your clothes with confidence. If you don’t believe that you look good, then no one looking at you will believe it either.

And, with that, I bid you farewell, fashion friends! Best of luck navigating fashion’s frontiers! The good news is that you have already found some of the best layering pieces around here at Adea so your fashion foundation is a stellar one.

- Marisa

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