Chic at the beach

July 28, 2014


Several years ago, I experienced an epiphany while vacationing with my husband, Peter, in Nassau, the Bahamas. We were walking towards the beach near the Ocean Club when who should I spot but George Hamilton, the famous actor known for his charm and ever-present tan.

He was leaving the beach with a stunning blonde -- but that wasn’t what caught my eye. Instead, I was riveted by Hamilton’s impeccable appearance. Everyone else who was leaving looked rumpled and tossed together.

But Hamilton looked as if he had just stepped out of Esquire magazine. Nothing he wore was wrinkled, including his fabulous pink shirt that I zeroed in on immediately. “See,” I whispered to Peter, “men wear pink shirts.”

This had been a bone of contention between us -- hubby would not wear a pink shirt that I had recently bought him. Now I could see a changed look on his face and an interested look in his eye.

Which started me thinking: how do some people (male or female) always manage to look great at the beach? Some thoughts…

  • Wear a colorful, lightweight sarong or pareo (the Tahitian word for wraparound skirt) that’s easy to put on and remove

  • Top off with a beach hat (yes, Hamilton was wearing a dashing one) that protects your face and looks stylish
  • Keep jewelry to a simple gold chain and buy a pair of killer sunglasses and equally fashionable sandals
  • Try a plain white shirt paired with lightweight khaki shorts and a swimsuit that flatters you: for example, a “tank-ini” (a bikini with a top that reaches down to just below your navel) instead of a one-piece
  • Opt for natural-looking makeup and an effortlessly chic hairstyle and hair clip in case it’s windy – and you’ll be set

- Shaun

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