Undercover undergarments

July 09, 2014


Let’s talk about undergarments and, specifically, how to keep your undergarments undercover. Though I have blogged on this topic many times before, it always bears mentioning again, especially as the hotter weather requires less clothing, lighter weight materials and lighter colors.

As always, your best bet is a thong. Visible panty lines created by full coverage underwear are incredibly distracting and can quickly turn a look from sleek to sloppy. If you are wearing a body-conscious piece of clothing such as pants, white jeans, shorts, a pencil skirt or a fitted dress, a thong is a non-negotiable.


However, the thong is not your only option for summer skivvies. When wearing a fuller skirt or dress – something with an A-line, skater, tulip or fit-and-flare silhouette – a pair of seamless boy-shorts makes perfect sense. Since the skirt does not cling to the body, there is no risk of VPL and the full coverage will protect you in the event of a sudden gust of wind, keeping everything under wraps rather than leaving nothing to the imagination.

When the humidity strikes, we must take care to protect our garments from sweat. When a thong is needed, add a fitted slip to keep whites white and sweat stains off of your favorite skirts and dresses. And if you decide to indulge in the silk shorts trend, be sure to wear boy-shorts in place of a thong. Since silk has no stretch, they won’t be skin-tight, allowing you the ability to wear full coverage underwear. Then, if the heat makes you sweat, the coverage will keep the sweat stains off of the delicate fabric.

Not sure you have everything you need for proper summer dressing? Then visit our Lingerie Shop to scoop up everything you need and more. We’ve got multiple styles of thongs, boy-shorts and slips to ensure that the focus stays on your fashions. Happy Summer!

- Marisa

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