The male perspective

July 02, 2014


In my 5+ years working as a personal shopper and stylist, I can confidently say that 85% of people are wearing their clothing the wrong size (or in the wrong cut) and 98% of those people are wearing their clothing too big (or cut too full). While a personal stylist and shopper (or a talented and trusted sales associate that truly has your best interest in mind vs. the interest of the store or brand that they work for) is perhaps the best person to help you evaluate your choice of size and cut, your husband or boyfriend may also be able to help.

I know, I know. Not what you expected me to say, right? Well, it’s true. Despite his humble or, in many cases, almost non-existent fashion knowledge, your significant other has some really good instincts.

Google “how men want women to dress” and you will find article after article stating that men would like their dates, girlfriends and wives to wear clothing that references their figure underneath, but that isn’t too revealing. And they want them to look “polished” and “elegant.” Basically, they would like to get a hint of what they might be able to see if they play their cards right, but they don’t want it to be completely on display for every other man in the room to see.

And herein lies their expertise… They know how clothes should fit you. Clothing should be tailored and follow the line of the body, with no excess material or pockets of empty space between the body and the clothing.

- Marisa

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