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June 26, 2014


Christina here with a secret to share with you: We love our models! Not only are they beautiful and photograph incredibly well but they are smart, fun, driven ladies. It is always a challenge to find lovely models with lovely personalities to match but, we found 2 this time and are excited to introduce you. Meet Anastazia and Mariel.


Tell us a little about yourself:

Anastazia: My father is from Chile and my mother is from Belgium. When my mom was in her college years she moved to St. Louis for my grandfather's job. While attending St. Louis University, my father had gone to visit a friend of his that attended the same school. After they met, the rest is history! I now reside in CT and work on shoots all over New England and NYC.

Mariel: When I was 15, my sister worked at a local casting agency and showed some colleagues my picture.They said why doesn't she do modeling? I took their advice and started up with an agency in Boston doing a lot of hair shows, fashion shows, and commercial work. After graduating high school, I went to Parsons in NYC and after my year there I decided instead of going back home for the summer to try to get signed with a modeling agency. I went to open calls at a few of the top agencies and got rejected for being "too commercial" so I kept on going and signed with one of the top agencies in New York. I was able to get by doing that full time, with some babysitting and nightclub work on the side. After 3 years of being in New York and a trip to Istanbul for 2 months,  I decided it was time to move back to Boston to focus on being near my family and finish school. I went to Umass Amherst and studied Hospitality and Tourism Management. I loved it and thank my mom dad and sister for really pushing me to get my degree. I now work full time, and recently started doing some modeling jobs and photo shoots on the side. Last month I was in a KMS hair show and most recently the Adea shoot! I feel so happy to get to start back up what I love and enjoy. Someone once told me, "Honey, LOVE YOUR BODY!" I think I've developed a healthy confidence and held onto that advice. Just remember you're never too old to follow your dreams.

What is your activity of choice?

Anastazia: I enjoy being active whenever I can which includes wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, horseback riding, running, and hiking. When I dont have time for a full workout I go 'sledding' at the gym for 15-30 minutes. While pushing the weighted sled across astro-turf you find yourself having a full body workout and cardio combined in one motion!

Mariel: I have a gym membership and have been very bad about going lately! I enjoy rollerblading, yoga, pilates, swimming, and hiking. Zip lining and skydiving are quite the adrenaline rush too! I just love the outdoors.

How would you describe your personal style?

Anastazia: I would describe my personal style as exotic glamour with a touch of tomboy. I may be considered a chameleon when it comes to personal style as I'm always changing and combining different looks. 

Mariel: I'd say easy chic, I have a feminine yet earthy style, and wear a lot of neutral colors. You can't go wrong with skinny pants and a flowy printed shirt (Therapy in SF was my weakness!) I'm big into thrift shops and bargain basements, but splurge every now and then for that statement piece ;)

What is your go-to healthy snack food?

Anastazia: My go-to healthy snack food would definitely be avocado! I also enjoy kale and pineapple, heck throw it in a blender and taste what a delicious smoothie comes from it.

Mariel: Hummus, tabouli, and grape leaves sprinkled with feta with pita chips, Mediterranean style!

And your go-to guilty pleaure?

Anastazia: My go-to bad snack food list can be lengthy. The top of the list that I find trouble staying away from would probably be cheese. I love all cheeses and find my self snacking on a cheese, meat, and cracker combo before dinner and filling myself beyond my means. I can't resist!

Mariel: Nachos or mozzarella sticks, I love all things cheese.

What is your favorite Adea piece from the shoot?

Anastazia: My favorite Adea piece would have to be the bra friendly cami! Aside from the fabric being absolutely delicious in all the pieces, this piece has endless possibilities to be worn as different looks.

Mariel: My favorite piece was the reversible layering top. It was so so so soft and comfy plus you can switch it up between a low v-neck or a scoop style. The cut of the top was perfectly flattering! Bellissima!

In case you missed the behind the scenes, check it out here.

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